Rock On

by JerryC

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Jerry Chang

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Edward Duncan (


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Lead is 100% correct (I think) only thing wrong is the bass but it's in tune so who cares! Enjoy! ED. Corrections: Lead Guitar: Bars 101,120,139-146. Keyboard: All Bars. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note 1: When you tap the second 17 you have to slide your tapping finger up the fret board to about fret 19 before you take it off. Note 2: Hold the full bend on 15 with you fingering hand and tap the 18th. Slowly release the bend whilst tapping. Note 3: As in note 1 however be care to only tap up the notes with a slide on them, eg the 10th,12th and 17th notes over the two bars. Note 4: This is a whammy bar technique known as "Crickets" basically put the bar so it's facing the opposite way to the neck, so when you press back its raises the pitch. Beggin the first notes by gently pressing the bar back. On the last few notes flick you hand off the bar caussing it to vibrate rapidly. Note 5: As in note 1, but again only on the frets where a "Slide Out 3" has been added (check the effect tool bar with note highlighted). Note 6: Jerry seems to tap one 17 and the hammer on the next, this seems a strange way to tpa thatfast but it makes sense in the second half of the section where he (as in note 1) slides out of the tap not put plays the hammered note straight, watch the video carefully for this one. Note 7: This is litterally a dead note (I think) how jerryC get this boom I think is via amp settings, in the video he only strikes the E sting and does nothing with the whammy bar! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If in doubt check the Jerry C forums as theese are brief and crap explanations of quite complicated techniques! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spotted a Mistake? E-Mail me!